Out of School Club, Winterbourne

Policies and Procedures and Parent/Carer Information.

Below is the link for our Parent/Carer Information booklet and a list of some of our Policies and Procedures. All of our Policies and Procedures can be found in our Policies and Procedures book at club. If you would like to have a look at this please ask a member of our staff next time you come in.

Parent/Carer Information Booklet

Parent/Carer Information.PDF

Policies and Procedures

Administering  Medicines Policy

Admission Payments and Fees Policy 

Arrivals and Departures Policy 

Behaviour Management and Incident Policy 

Bullying Policy 

Children Settling In Policy

Complaints Policy

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Documentation and Information Policy

Environmental Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Fire Safety and Fire Risk Assessment Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Racial Harassment Policy